The Law on the “brain gain” tax incentives in Greece

Based on the article 40 par. 1 of Law 4758/2020 (Government Gazette A242 / 04.12.2020), the article 5C was added to the Income Tax Code. This article establishes tax incentives for individuals who will transfer their tax residence in Greece. Specifically, there is an exemption from income tax and...

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Incentives for foreign retirees to be transferred in Greece

According to a recent draft Law, at a rate of 7% will be taxed independently each year and for 10 years the income earned abroad by foreign retirees who choose to move their tax residence in Greece. With the payment of this tax, every tax liability of the natural person for this income shall be...

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Incentives for L. 3427/2005 (former L. 89/67) companies

* in association with VK Premium Business Consultans ( Companies of L. 3427/2005 (former L. 89/67) companies may be granted, cumulatively or alternatively, aid in the following categories: a) Aid for the recruitment of disadvantaged and disabled workers Eligible for support costs...

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Charter License in Greece: a brief introduction

In order the yacht’s charters/voyages commence and end in Greece, and also be able to embark and disembark passengers while in Greece, the yacht and its owning company (if no Greek) will have to comply with the following requirements: The vessel must “ideally” be registered to an EU Ship’s Registry...

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The reforming of the Bankruptcy Law in Greece

Greece, April, 2020 The debtor shall be fully relieved of his debts to banks, the State or other creditors, 24 months from the filing of the Bankruptcy petition, and 12 months from the declaration of Bankruptcy, according to the draft of the new Bankruptcy Law that the Greek Government and the Ministry...

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European Union Secondment Legislation in Greece

The purpose of this report is to provide you with the essential information regarding the European Union Secondment Legislation as in force and implemented in Greece. Nothing on this report or any external hyperlink should be considered as a legal advice or as a substitute for legal advice. 1. Basic...

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